The Great Resignation puts a premium on smart hiring practices

A Feb 2, 2022 article in Politico describes The Great Resignation and other broad trends in teaching and highlights how much things have changed since the pandemic began in 2020.

Some of these trends began before Covid and were simply accelerated by the new situation. Others are more directly related to the unique pressures of social distancing, remote learning, and a bundle of other challenges that some are calling The Great Disruption.


The NAIS reports similar trends among teachers in private schools. A spring 2021 survey found that 44% of participants reported seeing increases to teacher attrition for the 2021–2022 and indications of heightened stress and anxiety across the profession.

At CalWest we see similar trends in our practical interactions with you and our candidates. Candidate pools are shrinking as the number of open positions increases. Top candidates are being hotly contested, and those strong candidates aren’t waiting to accept new positions.

The overall effect has been to push hiring earlier – the sooner you start, the better off you are – and to accelerate hiring processes. Schools moving slowly are watching as their short list of desired candidates shrinks because other schools moved faster to extend formal offers.

Hávila Cortés Eubanks

Director of Search Services and School Relationships

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