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Teacher teaching flower structure to diverse group of kindergarten students in science class

Hire teachers, administrators and heads-of-school that match your school’s culture and mission.

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Discover expert strategies to build an equitable and inclusive school.

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CalWest is a premier educational search firm, offering strategic consulting to help school teams create equitable and inclusive hiring practices. Our methodology and expertise help administrative teams attract, hire and retain diverse faculty and staff. We also lead teacher, administrator, and head-of-school searches across the western United States. Through a combination of dedicated search consultants and highly trained search staff, we recruit culturally competent and highly-accomplished educators and school leaders from a wide range of professional backgrounds. 

What others have to say...

“CalWest is very different. We tried other approaches, but nothing was providing talent pools that we needed to ensure the quality of candidates with the unique temperament and qualifications that Bridges Academy requires. 

CalWest does pre-discussion and pre-vetting with us to find the right people for the wide range of positions we need to fill…It definitely saved me time and also gave me a better result.

CalWest brought me higher quality candidates, and … ensured that we got teachers who had personal missions that were more aligned to us. 

CalWest has an excellent handle on the personalities of schools, the communities within and around them, the outlook that different schools bring to the world and their culture…I would particularly recommend CalWest for schools that are looking for something specific in the character, quality or background of their teaching and administrative staff. 

CalWest’s level of attention can better find the right people.”

Carl Sabatino

Head of School at Bridges Academy

“I worked with Lois and she spent a lot of time combing through candidates for me. She was very attuned to the kind of candidates I was looking for. I’ve worked with other search firms where that was not the case.

CalWest asked great questions and was a good listener. Lois repeated back to me what she heard and summarized it at the end to ensure that we were on the same page. It was incredibly supportive for me because I knew she was going in the direction I wanted her to go. 

After I interviewed each candidate, she would check in with me to hear how it went and how CalWest was doing in terms of matching what I was looking for.

They listen well, we were able to adjust as we went, and we were very pleased with the candidates we received.” 

Andrew Slater

Head of School at Marin Primary and Middle School

Beau Lindsay

Assistant Principal for Milken Community Schools