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Find the right talent for your teaching and administrative needs

As a school leader, you have a broad list of responsibilities. Let CalWest support your hiring efforts. We play a vital role in finding candidates who embody the culture and mission of your school. You choose which elements of the search process to outsource to us while maintaining control of any aspects you wish. Our team can handle a wide range of services in order to offer the best candidates for your positions.

The future of high-quality education depends upon finding the right teachers and administrators. Your faculty, staff and administration collectively create the reputation of your school. These dedicated educators are often the face of the school and one of the first images associated with your school’s mission.

CalWest Association Membership gives you choices

All schools wishing to engage CalWest first join the CalWest Association. After you become an Association member school, you choose which search model you prefer – Exclusive, Non-Exclusive or a combination of both.

Exclusive Searches contain the best elements of a retained approach. During an Exclusive Search CalWest will…

  • Connect you to a CalWest Recruiting Advisor who concentrates on serving only a handful of schools each year.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the school culture and priorities for the position
  • Target a nationwide network of contacts through expanded advertising and job posting efforts to ensure talented teachers or administrators are recruited for the position.
  • Seek to identify a qualified candidate who may not even be actively searching for new opportunities.  
  • Partner closely with the hiring team to build a strategy, identify and assess potential candidates, facilitate candidate interviews, and successfully hire an outstanding candidate.

The member school enters into a limited duration exclusive contract that includes all aspects of the search. There is a retainer that counts towards the placement fee after a successful hire. The mutual commitment to a successful outcome greatly enhances your search experience.

Non-Exclusive Searches work well when a school intends to work with multiple search firms and/or places a greater emphasis on speed of candidate submissions. In a Non-Exclusive Search CalWest will…

  • Seek to understand the school culture and priorities for the position
  • Target a nationwide network of contacts through advertising and job postings to attract potential applicants.
  • Search our current pool of actively searching candidates for possible matches
  • Emphasize speed of submission and a broader range of candidate abilities.

CalWest Association Member Schools can choose to conduct some searches as Exclusive and others as Non-Exclusive. At the core of both approaches is the intent to pair schools with well-qualified candidates based on their experience, education, skill sets and interests. The difference, though stems from which approach a school administrator deems most effective to support their current hiring approaches.

Not sure which option is right for you? Contact Lois or Fleisch and they will gladly tell you more! Call us at 818-906-2972 or email us –

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