Finding a new position can be stressful. Search firms have the ability to save you time and effort while increasing your chances of obtaining a rewarding position. Once you have been accepted as a candidate, we send your profile to schools with openings that match your qualifications and communicate with administrators on your behalf.

Schools frequently list positions confidentially with search firms. Confidential openings are not available through internet listings, newspaper advertisements, or other public means. We have the ability to send your profile to schools with confidential openings.

  • Regional expertise. Because we specialize in placing educators in California, Oregon, Washington and western states, we have the ability to focus our attention on the schools and candidates that we serve.
  • Strong relationships. We have established relationships with many administrators at top schools. When we recommend a candidate for a position, administrators trust that the candidate is highly qualified. Our team is able to follow up with schools regularly to highlight individual candidate qualifications and advocate on your behalf.

Once you send your resume, we assess whether we have openings that match your qualifications and preferences. If we have positions, you will be asked to create a candidate profile. Our team reviews every prospective candidate’s resume and supporting materials to provide personalized tips for revisions that help you stand out. We ask that you incorporate our feedback into your materials before your profile is sent to schools. 

Many schools prefer that we recruit, screen, and hold initial interviews with candidates. This saves school administrators valuable time and effort. Because we have strong relationships with our partner schools, administrators trust that CalWest candidates are high caliber and have been prescreened to match each school’s specific criteria for select teacher and administrative openings.

Our services are available to all independent, private, and charter schools in the western United States. We have worked with over eight hundred schools in our region since our founding in 2003.

Peak hiring is traditionally January through June, however schools are often hiring year-round to meet immediate needs. Leadership and administrative positions are often posted in the fall and filed in the early spring. 

  • At the elementary level, lead teachers generally need to hold a Multiple Subject credential, either from California or from another state, however in most western states, it’s up to the school’s discretion.
  • At the secondary level, schools usually hire middle and high school teachers based on their degrees in relevant subject areas and previous work experience. Having a credential would be considered an additional qualification, but is generally not required.
  • California charter school regulations require that teachers hold, or are in the process of obtaining, a California credential. Teachers with credentials from other states can seek recognition or pass additional steps to receive a California credential. Visit the website of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing at for more information.

Yes! You can mark your search as confidential on your Candidate Profile.  From there, CalWest marks your file indicating  that preference. We inform schools they should not contact your current employer without talking to us first. At some point during your search, you will need to tell your current employer you are seeking a new position. When that time comes, we can support you through the process and offer guidance on how to approach the topic. 

To avoid a conflict, please check with us before applying to private, independent, and charter schools within our region.

Our partner schools generally do not provide immigration sponsorship for candidates searching with a firm. 

Schools pay the placement fee after a candidate is hired. Most schools have budgeted funds specifically for professional placement services. 

To apply for the current or upcoming school year, fill out our pre-application form hereIf selected to move forward in the application process, you will receive notification to start your online profile. If you are not contacted for the current or upcoming hiring season, you are welcome to reapply for future seasons.

You can request your profile to be reactivated by emailing CalWest or following this link.