Discover talent that enhances your school community with CalWest's DEEP Search approach.

As a school leader, you have a broad list of responsibilities that require your time, dedication, and expertise. The future of high-quality education depends on efficient, retention-focused recruiting because your faculty, staff, and administration are the face of your school’s culture and reputation. CalWest’s services enhance your school’s hiring, retention, and culture development, freeing up your time to manage the day-to-day and long term strategy of your school.

We identify candidates who embody the culture and mission of your school while allowing your organization to maintain its internal processes. You choose which elements of the search process to outsource to us while maintaining control of any aspects you wish. We tailor our services to support your school, ensuring that you’ll hire the right candidate at the right time, every time you search.

“CalWest views their role as being a true partner. They take the time to understand who we are, what we are, and what makes us tick. They don’t just throw candidates at us. It’s an intensive process of matching the right candidates with the needs of the school...Standard searches are unwieldy by comparison. When a resume comes to my desk from CalWest, I know that person deserves a careful look.”
Peggy Procter
Head of School, Echo Horizon School - Culver City, CA
“I would recommend CalWest to anyone seeking a better applicant pool. When searching for administrators, I might get one from the pile coming from a larger search firm, whereas there were multiple potential interviews among the applicants that CalWest provided.”
Dr. Erica Rothblum
Head of School, Pressman Academy of Temple Beth Am - Los Angeles, CA

Administrative Search

We can curate a shortlist of experienced, interview-ready administratorsor provide your hiring team with a broad pool of resumes that match your hiring preferences.

Teacher Search

We specialize in placing teachers with diverse backgrounds, subject matter expertise, and high-caliber teaching credentials in high-demand subject areas and in roles that require a transition from a long-term faculty member.