• Group your experiences into related areas of expertise (i.e., K-12 Teaching, Leadership, and Other Professional Experiences). The group that will be most relevant for your search should appear at the
    top of your resume.
  • Create a section for any professional development you have done.
  • Use bullets in your position descriptions. A paragraph format defeats the purpose of being able to
    glean information quickly by scanning.
  • Do not repeat the same bullet points over and over in each position. Focus on what was unique to that role. While responsibilities are important, explaining accomplishments will help you stand out more.
  • For each teaching position held, include specific subject concentrations or grade levels taught.
  • Consistent formatting is important. Having a resume that looks clean and consistent will help focus
    attention on the content.
  • Be moderate and careful with fonts, bolding, italicizing. The purpose of using these tools is to help
    highlight the most important information. Using too many of these techniques overrides the purpose and makes the resume look overwhelming.
  • Make sure your resume is easy to read. Pay careful attention to fonts and spacing. Too much text or
    not enough spacing is overwhelming and will turn off the reader from wanting to look more deeply into your content.
  • If you’ve held multiple positions at one school/organization, all positions should be listed under one heading. Otherwise it will appear as though you jump around a lot.
  • Grammar and spelling needs to be perfect. Even the smallest errors, when caught by a potential employer, can put your application at risk of being rejected.
  • Be careful not to put excess information such as school profiles, exhibitions, or publications on your resume. Keep it strictly to experience and education that pertains directly to the positions for which you are applying.


  • Have you checked the spelling and grammar throughout your resume?
  • Create a section for any professional development you have done.
  • Is everything aligned as it should be (margins, indentations)?